Decorating Style Quiz


1. What is your favorite time of day?

A. Late afternoon, when the shadows lengthen

B. Early morning when the sun sparkles and the air is crystal clear

C. Any time after 10:00pm

2. What are your favorite colors?

A. Lively but soft blues, greens, gold (more spirited than pastels)

B. Warm but subdued colors and earth tones

C. Black, white, beige and off beat bright colors

3. Which fabrics do you like to look and feel of?

A. Silks and satins, damask and chintz, or anything smooth to the touch

B. Linens, tweeds, woolens, anything hand woven

C. Boldly textured materials and, conversely, sleek, shiny surfaces

4. What type of party are you most likely to plan when celebrating something big?

A. Festive, sit down dinner for 6-8 people

B. Relaxed backyard barbecue for family, friends and neighbors

C. Simple midnight supper after an evening at the ballet

5. What type of flowers do you prefer?

A. Tulips

B. Daisies

C. Orchids

6. What type of scenic view do you prefer?

A. Fountain-sprayed garden

B. Lake and field flowers

C. Downtown city skyline

7. What kind of music do you prefer?

A. Easy listening

B. Golden oldies and country

C. Classical or jazz

8. What type of furniture do you prefer?

A. Classic antiques and 18th century reproductions

B. Flea market and estate sale bargains

C. Art deco and contemporary furniture

9. What style of car do you prefer?

A. a Lincoln Continental

B. a Jeep or SUV

C. a Jaguar

10. When dressing for a “big evening on the town” you are most comfortable wearing…

A. Street-length dress and jacket – very tailored

B. Loose fitting skirt and unstructured jacket

C. Form fitting dress in a lustrous fabric

Answer Key

Mostly A’s – Traditional

  • America’s number one style!
  • You’re a stable, not impulsive buyer.
  • Once you find a place for your furniture – it stays!
  • You enjoy a soft blending of different style of decorating.
  • You like a balanced mix of upholstered pieces and wood pieces
  • Quality is uppermost in all your home furnishings purchases.
  • It’s likely that you’ll have a gallery wall somewhere in your home filled with family photos.
  • You undoubtedly have at least one “collection” displayed in your home.
  • You are a gracious hostess and require a certain amount of formality.
  • Decorating for the holidays may be one of your passions.

Mostly B’s – Country Living

  • You tend to be a very sensitive person.
  • You enjoy surrounding yourself with soft colors and textured fabrics.
  • Antique shopping is a passion – as well as rummaging through flea markets.
  • You enjoy utilizing fabric in your window treatments.
  • You tend to be a bit more open minded in your design ideas.
  • Your home would tend to be filled with collectibles and needlepoint and cross stitch samplers.
  • You prefer a more casual and informal lifestyle.
  • Your personality determines if your country style has an American, French or English flavor or is a blended mix.

Mostly C’s – Trend Setting

  • You enjoy the latest in fashion.
  • Your purchases tend to be rather impulsive.
  • You boast a dramatic personality.
  • In design, you prefer a sharp contrast in style and color.
  • You tend to be a risk taker.
  • Your home might be filled with sculptures, impressionist artwork, and dramatic furniture that you chose to make a signature statement.
  • Your favorite shelter magazine is apt to be “Architectural Digest”.

Equal Number of A’s, B’s and C’s – Eclectic

  • You enjoy mixing all three styles into one cohesive design plan.
  • Your interests are wide ranging.
  • You are into all of the arts.

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